Yara initiates gradual shutdown of supply to Belarus due to the effects of

Oslo, january ten, 2022: Yara is firmly committed to universal human rights and condemns all forms of repression and human rights violations. With the support of human rights organizations and trade unions, Yara sought positive change by leveraging her presence in Belarus to promote workplace safety and human rights. However, the supply chain effects of the current sanctions against Belarus have forced Yara to begin a gradual reduction in its supply of Belarusian potash, a key ingredient for the production of mineral fertilizers used in food production.

“The effects of the current sanctions on Belarus are reducing Yara’s ability to positively influence the safety and well-being of Belarusian workers. For Yara, this is a disappointing development. We remain firmly committed to the safety and well-being of workers in Belaruskali. Despite the gradual reduction in the supply of potash, Yara aims to continue the industrial security program initiated in 2021, in close cooperation with the independent trade union of Belaruskali and in full compliance with the applicable sanctions ”, said Svein Tore Holsether, chairman -director general of Yara. International.

Through regular dialogue with the Belaruskali management and trade unions, the implementation of a joint security program in Soligorsk, first-hand observations, the secondment of a security director from Yara and several other visits to Soligorsk, Yara laid the foundation for lasting improvements in the situation of Belarusian workers. While strengthening a corporate safety culture is a long-term process, Yara has already seen marked improvements in several areas in 2021. Some examples are machinery guarding, union involvement, and employee reviews. risk-based occupational safety. Yara has the ambition to continue this work despite the end of her sourcing activities. More details on the safety program can be found in a full report at yara.com: https://www.yara.com/siteassets/suppliers/reports/background-and-progress-report-on-yara-belaruskali-relations – 9-January-2022.pdf /

Yara is committed to complying with all applicable laws and regulations, including penalties. Although Yara’s supply to Belarus is in full compliance with applicable sanctions, other parts of the supply chain are withdrawing essential services required to enable potash exports from Belarus, as a result of which Yara has initiated a shutdown. of its procurement activities. The liquidation is expected to be completed by April 1, 2022. Yara will continue to monitor any changes in the situation, including sanctions, as part of its ongoing supply operations.


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Return. In 2020, Yara achieved a turnover of 11.6 billion USD.

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